BonDeed Giver Assessment

What type of giver are you?

I had an important aha moment after taking the quiz! I realized that I really do give back, just not as a traditional volunteer. Now I’m inspired and appreciate my own ways of giving.

Paul Lorsbach

Senior Software Engineer at On Point Technology, LLC

It's more than just a quiz

The assessment is not just for employees. It is a tool that helps you learn what engages your workforce and provides a roadmap for your community impact program. In addition, this tool benchmarks the corporate social responsibility culture and engagement of your employees and brand.

A proprietary, science-based assessment

Employees complete an online giving quiz that asks thought-provoking questions about their passions and gifts. It prompts employees to think about giving and their impact from a different perspective.

Traditional volunteerism only engages a small percentage of your workforce. We help you explore new ways of creating engagement with your employees by supporting their unique gifts, passions and preferences for impact.



distinct giving preferences

Ties to


giving profiles

Takes about


minutes to complete

Provides employees with a

Personalized profile report

organizations receive aggregate reports

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