Our Consultative Approach

Our team will help grow your employees inside and outside the company by energizing your community impact program.

We're an extension of your team

We work with you to develop a customized strategic plan that’s based on what’s important to your employees and their responses to the BonDeed Giver Assessment. We offer full-service account management to ensure the success of your community impact program, and to help you take full advantage of our technology.
We’re passionate about helping your employees make a difference in their communities and increase their social impact. Whether it’s being on a board, growing their innate skills, or finding a cause that’s important to them, we help them do good.

BonDeed offers these additional services

Corporate social responsibility brand enhancement

This service aggregates and quantifies employees’ giving activity. We compile testimonials, pictures and successes for publication in internal and external communications, including use in media relations. This allows you to share giving stats with employees, shareholders, clients and others.

Board and non-profit training

Our network of experienced consultants offer volunteer and board matching for employees at all levels. We also offer ongoing employee trainings as needed for various volunteer opportunities.

Mentorship programs

These programs help employees looking to increase their volunteerism or impact experience. We help break down walls and bring collaboration and learning across lines of business, stature, and background. We help connect employees to like-minded co-workers and to nonprofits and causes they care about.

Strategic impact

We bring people together based on their ability, gifts, and passions—regardless of their level within an organization. These inclusive teams use collective critical-thinking to work together to solve community and global problems.